This quarter was a really good quarter. Considering the fact that I missed the first 2 weeks due to legal reasons, I still managed to stay on board and pass the course with an A. To me, I think maybe more or a high B or C would have been my grade, if it was not for the fact that the instructor allowed me to make up the assignments that I missed due to not attending class.
My partipation this quarter and during this course was excellent. Due to the fact that I was on and still ma currently on probation, life has been extremely hard for me. Mix that with having to worry about making up assignments and catching up with the entire class after being gone for 2 weeks, life is stressful for me. During this course I found myself in a number of struggling situations,, including being able to participate in class field trips , being able to use the computer , and being able to come to class early to work on my homework.
I really do not have anything to say about the course. Personally, I thought the course outline was very well written and all the homework assignments were boring, but they helped me out in trying to understand the lesson that was taught. The one assignment that I had a fun time with completing with my team is the paper and power point on DUI.
As for the grade that I think I deserve. I have given it much thought and takeing into consideration all my partipation , all my assignment’s that I turned in , and my DUI PP , I would think a B would best fit. Because I missed the first two weeks of class, I missed 2 partipation point grades. Besides that, I really kicked button all my other assignments , includeing my power point. Suerisly, I was not that nervous or scared when doing the presentation.