THe Cocoon house

Policy ElementsHSM/240
Policy ElementsThe Cocoon House would not have steadily flourished if it had not been made possible the many donors to its organization, which annually provides the main ingredient for The Cocoon House to serve its target population and the community it serves.
The Cocoon gives young people and families hope and helps them break the cycle of homelessness. It encourages them. The mission of The Cocoon House is to foster personal growth and healthy relationships to strengthen and empower at-risk homeless youth and their families. To carry out this mission the agency has developed a continuum of services to serve homeless, at-risk and highly disconnected youth in Snohomish County, Washington by providing housing, prevention and street outreach services.
Cocoon House goals and objectives consist of supporting teens in achieving a variety of life skills, educational and professional goals, healthy relationships and a supportive network of friends, family and community.
According to The Cocoon House, the Forms of delivered services provided by The Cocoon House are 24 hour access to medical care and supportive services for at-risk youth 13-17, food and emergency shelter/transitional housing services, street outreach and support/advocacy, intensive case management, chemical dependency education, counseling and treatment, mental health counseling, and life skills training.
The Cocoon House Eligibility Rules are to merely be an at-risk teen in the community of Snohomish County, Washington. The Cocoon House Administrative or Organizational Structure for Service Delivery programs and services is only with certified individuals qualified to provide the service. The Financing Method for The Cocoon House largely dependent on federal government grant awards from the U.S. Department of Health and Humans Services and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The remainder of the agency revenue is by public and…