Huawei Five Challenges faced by Huawei

•Political challenges
Environmental challenges
Merger and Acquisition pressure
Legal Challenges
Technology Challenges Five Challenges
faced by Huawei
? Political challenges
? Environmental challenges
? Merger and Acquisition
pressure? Technology Challenges
? Legal Challenges Political challenges faced by Huawei
• U.S. took Huawei as a real concern and blamed for posing
security risks to the nation.
• Australian government banned Huawei from bidding to
build the national broadband network.
• This explains the challenge for the company which
reached globally but cannot step into the u U.S. market. Environmental challenges faced by Huawei
• Markets are too much competitive ( price, functionality,
service quality, timing of new products and services)• There is hastened product development timeframes and
lower return on investment. Merger and Acquisition pressure
• Huawei’scompetitorsbenefittedthroughincreasedmultinational reach, improved revenue generation and cost
saving.• Fighting the odds Huawei was able to maintain a share in the
market and also guided to inflate it (Huawei, 2013). Legal Challenges faced by Huawei
• Huawei of stealing their source code and using in their own products.
• Huawei sent a letter to the US government stating refusing any
concern for security.• Chandler who was handling this case discontinued the case as he
didn’t want to sour the relationship between US and China. Thus
Huawei went through a hardship of legal issue (Lee, 2012) Technological pressure
• Moore’s law states that every hardware component must be updated every two
years.• This means that all the computer (hardware) components become out of date
for every two years.• Huawei overcame this pressure of rapid product cycle with new technologies
and design along with excellent services and responded in an…