SS3230 Week 2 Assignment 2

Case Study:
Global Limited has the reputation as one of the world’s leading providers of infrastructure information systems, software, and services around the world. Global’s clients range from world-wide enterprises to startup companies across all industry sectors, including financial services, manufacturing, transportation, and public services (ITT-Technical Institute 2015).
Global Limited has indeed become a forward-thinking organization that is compliant with standards and laws and lowered risks within its entire system. Thus, Global has derived risk management plans that will push them into an even greater competitive edge in the market. Where other organizations still use security plans geared toward repair after events, Global’s plans are geared toward prevention of external attacks and threats. They are also up-to-date with security laws, standards and regulations, and have an emphasis on employee training to help alleviate phishing, social engineering, and email scams. However, as with any organization where humans are at computers, human error, regardless of accidental or intentional, will occur. Therefore, acknowledging the need for employee training, Global Limited has stepped up their security awareness initiatives by offering in-person and online training modules.
Instead of repairing an issue such as patching a hole, or maintaining different infrastructures with numerous protocols, Global Limited now uses proactive steps to ensure not only the security of information within the company, they also preserve information for their many clients around the world. Having these proactive steps in place, increases Global’s strengths in security management. By completing a global network where all locations can collaborate and share information, they have become compliant with financial reporting by removing insecure system components from the network.
Global brought in their own Security Division’s (CIS) information risk management, or IRM…