SR Kudler Fine Foods

Service Request SR-rm-022, Part 1
Tracey Laverty
December 14, 2015
Anjit Bose
As Riordan Manufacturing is a company that services the globe with their products, there are a number of areas that must be investigated to be sure that the company is using all they can to provide to their consumers. Such areas would include: Inter-office communications, Buisness-to-Buyer communication, Web site management, and a number of other areas. One of the “other areas” is the human resources (HR) department. Since Riordan is such a large company, HR is something that is of high importance as not every one can be sure that each customer and employee is receiving the proper attention he or she deserves.
When regarding the HR department, one of the best places to look to ensure that each customer and employee is being made a priority, management would likely be the best place to look for information on daily tasks, issues, and questions. The reason for this is most complaints are filed with a manager who then passes it up the chain to the appropriate person. Once that person has received the formal complaint, the final destination is the Human Resources department. However, management would not be the only ones to have access to these forms. The safety technicians at each of the plants would also have access to these forms. Due to the fact that they are not management, the forms would need to be validated by a manager before sent to HR so as not to fill the database with unnecessary forms. This would also waste less time than if everyone were able to submit the forms.
Due to the wish for the HR department to become more technologically inclined, the best process that I can think of for each area of HR to become so is to establish an online form to be filled out in the event of an issue taking place. While this would require a network to be put in place to ensure that this could happen, it would allow all members of HR as well…