Kohlberg’s StagesStage 1
I would slightly disagree with the moral decision making aspect of this stage, because the avoidance of punishment. My mother is Latin and she is the authority of physical consequences in the house. I feel part of the reason why is because it is from the way she was raised and the fact my dad was working 2 jobs and going to school. She instilled fear into use through physical consequences.
Stage 2
Everyone has played the Scratch my back and I will scratch your back at some point in life. If we know a short cut to get something a vast majority will take advantage of it.
Stage 3
Was I a people pleaser, at some point I was. I cannot identify exactly where and when but weather we are a kid or an adult at some time or another we have done something to fit it or are still trying to fit in.
Stage 4
Let’s play God. Well when you have a big weight on your shoulder, you will play the roles of god sort of speaking. We live in a world where we are expected to live a certain way by certain values. It is a must to fit it (Stage 3) or we will be out casted.
Stage 5
I will need some explanation on stage 5
Stage 6
Aww The Golden rule. This is how society deems if we are good to fit in to a certain group. Must do this, must act like this, and must speak like this. Kind of sounds like Stage 3 but with much more harsher rules to follow. We must follow an unwritten rule, one that was been set in stone for hundreds of years now. Being ethical is how we get along and survive in life. Having morals that have been taught to use helps other see and know that there is good in each one of use.
Where I am at in life was not where I thought I would be. Since I have had my surgery in 2010, I would say Stage 3 would best describe me….I think…