Skills and strategies

Skills and Strategies
According to the self assessment that I took, I have scored an eight
which means that I’m a pretty organized student and just need to work on one or two issues. Since enrolling in the academy I knew I had to get back to an organized environment. In addition, going to go buy school supplies was essential, also buying a calendar to keep track of all exams and homework was a must. As well as finding a quiet area in my house to study helps a lot to further myself from distractions and get more study time. Above all, learning to stay organized and keeping track of my schedule and time is bound for a successful ride through the academy and obtaining the career that you always dreamed off.
I have managed my schedule to a daily routine from Monday to Friday that at times I can include extra time for my family. As an illustration please see Figure 1. With this in mind, I also have to commute for an hour to school and another hour back home, that is to say that completing my homework as soon as I get home it’s a must since I still have a fresh mind of the subjects. Completing my homework has never been easier since I keep my study guides and completed assignments in Manila folders with the proper labels and avoid confusion. For the most part I have tried to make my academic life easier with all the right resources, and they have helped me for a more successful me. All and all, tackling these strategies with an organized schedule is to keep it simple, consistent, and systematic.