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HUM 205 Assignment: Classical Societies Essay (UOP)
Select one piece of art from each of the following civilizations:
Classical Greece
Hellenistic Greece
Etruscan civilization
Roman Republic
Roman Empire
Write a 700- to 1,050-word essay analyzing the pieces of art selected. Answer the following questions:
What kind of artwork is itWhat does the artwork express or revealWhat is the relationship between the art and the culture of the related civilizationHow did that genre of art influence the culture of that civilizationHow did the culture influence that genre of artCite any references according to APA standards.
Post your paper as an attachment.——————————————————–
HUM 205 Assignment: Exhibit Advertisement (UOP)
You are in charge of marketing and advertisement at your local art museum. Next month, the museum will be hosting an exhibition on the social role of the arts in early Chinese and Japanese civilizations.
Create a 2-page, informative newspaper advertisement for the exhibition.
Include the following in your advertisement:
300 to 400 words of text describing the exhibition
A description of the cultures, including the religion, language, and general philosophies and beliefs
A description of the relationship between the cultures and the arts
At least one image each of early Chinese art and early Japanese art that demonstrates the relationship described
Create your exhibit advertisement in Microsoft® Word. There are no stipulations on how you format the advertisement. Use your creativity with fonts, styles, and formatting; however, your advertisement must maintain a logical flow and be understandable and easy to read. Keep images small to limit the size of your document.
Cite your images and any references used according to APA standards.
Post your paper as an attachment….