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HSM 260 Entire Course
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www.snaptutorial.comHSM 260 Week 1 CheckPoint Definition Scavenger Hunt
HSM 260 Week 1 DQ 1 and DQ 2
HSM 260 Week 2 CheckPoint Accrual Method
HSM 260 Week 2 Assignment Personal Balance Statement (Appendix C)
HSM 260 Week 3 CheckPoint Cost Per Output Cost Per Outcome Response
HSM 260 Week 3 DQ1 and DQ2
HSM 260 Week 4 CheckPoint Financial Ratios
HSM 260 Week 4 Assignment Fixed Costs, Variable Costs, and Break
HSM 260 Week 5 CheckPoint Forecasting
HSM 260 Week 5 DQ1 and DQ2
HSM 260 Week 6 Assignment Fee Setting
HSM 260 Week 6 CheckPoint Calculating Fixed Costs, Variable Cost
HSM 260 Week 7 CheckPointCatalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
HSM 260 Week 7 DQ1 and DQ2
HSM 260 Week 8 Assignment Foundations Paper
HSM 260 Week 8 CheckPoint Collaborative Fund-raising Activity
HSM 260 Week 9 Capstone DQ
HSM 260 Week 9 Final Analyzing Financial Statements
HSM 260 Week 1 CheckPoint Definition Scavenger Hunt
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www.snaptutorial.comCheckPoint: Definition Scavenger Hunt
Define each of the following basic accounting terms in your own words by finding sources on the Internet.
Provide the URL that supports the definition you have created for each item.
Basic accounting formula
Transaction, t-account
General ledger
Account balance
Trial balance
Net assets
Accounts receivable
Accounts payable
Post your definitions as a Microsoft® Word attachment.
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HSM 260 Week 1 DQ 1 and DQ 2
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www.snaptutorial.comDiscussion Questions
How does the statement of functional expenses differ from the statement of activities? What is the difference between a revenue center and an expense center as it relates to a human service organization? Why do you need to know this information as an employee in a human…