Effectively Managing Cybercrime

Effectively Managing Cybercrime
Angela M. Adams
Liberty University
With the rapid increase of cybercrime spreading across the globe, many organizations have had to increase security measures to protect their information data. Even with these more advance measures, cyber criminals are still gaining access into security systems. The fight against cybercrime has become a global initiative. This literature review will discuss the ways in which cyber criminals are bypassing security measures, the complications organizations have to deal with, and how organizations all over the world are successfully beginning to handle cybercrime attacks.
Keywords: cybercrime, cybercriminal
Effectively Managing Cybercrime
Computers can be found in majority of homes around the world, and in practically every business that exists. Computers have become commonplace in society. They are found in just about every electronic such as cell phones, GPS devices, watches, microwaves, etc. Because computers are so widely available now, so is the information that is stored in them. Without the correct security measures, the information stored can be made available to the wrong people. These people known as cybercriminals deliberately steal personal information from people and organizations.
Making sure that an organization’s information data is well secure is not an easy task. Often times security breaches may occur. Organizations spend a great deal of money each year to make sure that their information is safe and secure. Even with these extra measures in place, sometimes these criminals can still get through security systems. Cyber criminals are developing new and very sophisticated programs that can bypass very high tech security systems.
What Is CybercrimeCybercrime, also known as computer crime, according to Webster online dictionary can be defined as “crime committed using a computer and the internet to steal or disrupt operations with…