Cultural Diversity in the Healthcare Enviornment
DeVry UniversityCultural Diversity in the Healthcare Enviornment
I have decided to choose www.beaumont.edu because it is imperative to be knowledgeable about cultural diversity in the United States when it comes to the healthcare field. Being culturally competent and aware of diversities allows us to manage cultural, economic, race, as well as gender differences in the workplace. Here in the United States there are a plethora of different cultures and beliefs. There is a huge chance we can receive a variety of patients from different backgrounds as well as be surrounded by a diverse staff. Beaumont has programs in place that are woven into our every day patient care that help us strengthen and build better relationships with the diverse population we serve. “ One of the main areas of inquiry of public health research is to investigate the health and well-being of the individual members of society in order to provide an environment that is inclusive, supportive, and free from discrimination for all members (Emani 2013).”
Helpful Programs
Some of the programs we have to serve our diverse population include: language translators and telephone language translation available from AT&T, booklets in over 20 languages for use by staff to better care for patients of diverse cultures and backgrounds, sign language assistance for individuals with hearing limitations and many more. “To develop a healthcare environment that is congruent with diversity among care providers and care recipients and to eliminate ethnic discrimination, it’s important to map out and assess caregivers’ awareness and acceptance of diversity (Emami 2013) .” These programs are set in place to help patients feel that they are the only concern at the moment. Being able to have translators, surgery that accommodates patients who do not want blood transfusions, and any other assests that…