Alexis Brown: The Interview
My interview will be featuring my best Friend Alexis , and it will be highlighting her experiences and the subculture of ROTC. She has been a student in the Air Force JROTC at South Cobb High School for two years and plans to join the Army after high school.
10 facts about JROTC subculture:
1. You do not HAVE to go the service because you are in JROTC
2. JROTC is available for both girls and boys
3. You will have to wear your uniform on required dress days
4. You will have to do PT (physical training)
5. You will learn how to drill with and without rifles
6. You are not required to take ROTC to join the service
7. ROTC is not all work and no play
8. You can gain rank that will can follow you to college
9. Discipline is one thing you will definitely gain while in JROTC
10. You will have fun
5 facts about Alexis:
1. She plans on going to the army after high school
2. She doesn’t care for PT
3. She has surpassed her ensign rank
4. She is in Air Force JROTC
5. She is on the Exhibition Drill Team
Interview Questions:
1. What made you Join JROTC2. What is your favorite part of being in JROTC3. What did/do you hope to gain from being in JROTC4. What skills have you gained while being in JROTC5. What is your rank and how long have you held it6. What is the hardest thing about being in JROTC7. Why do want to join the Army after high school8. How do you feel about the uniforms that you are required to where 9. What is a valuable lesson that you have learned in JROTC that you otherwise wouldn’t have learned10. Why did you join the Exhibition Drill team and what does that consist of