Comparison and Contrast to A Doll House

Comparison and Contrast to A Doll HouseIn “A Doll House” by Isben Nora and Torvald’s speech patterns point to Nora’s Childish behavior. Nora speaks in a very childish manner. She uses the word “Pooh” as a way of saying “whatever” in a conversation of much importance. She is using a childish word to ignore an adult problem. She also says “Who cares about them!” like a child saying “I don’t wanna.” She is acting like a spoiled child that doesn’t have to deal with problems of the real world because she has money. Lastly she screams “Money!” with a child’s excitement like she just opened a present filled with the special edition of the child’s favorite toy. She seems to think of money as nothing more than an unlimited source of candy to trade with people in order to get things she wants. The way Torvald speaks compliments her childish behavior because he speaks to her as if she was a child. He uses the word little when describing her because children are small and weak. Torvald informs her that he is about to give her something by telling her to “Guess what I have here” like he is giving her a present. People don’t give adults presents unless there is a special occasion however a child gets presents constantly so that it doesn’t get bored. Even though the two voices point towards Nora being a child, Torvalds voice points towards him being a father. Torvald needed to make sure Nora didn’t buy anything she shouldn’t have by questioning “bought, did you say?” Torvald needs to check on Nora like a father checks on his daughter. Torvald also uses the word my when describing Nora. He is making her a possession of his like she is “my” child. Nora and Torvald’s way of speaking make Torvald seem like the father of a spoiled child.