1. What is the topic of your presentation
To inform the public about the growing popularity of electric cars due to their
efficiency as well as their positive impact on the environment 2. Who is your audience and what should they gain from listening to your presentation
The audience is environmentally conscious consumers who want to be part of the
growing movement that want to slow down and reverse the effects of carbon
pollution by driving a move efficient vehicle. By listening to the presentation the
audience can make spread benefits of electric cars.
3. What types of evidence do you think will most appeal to your audience and best support your topic? Why
NOTE: Evidence may include statistics, expert analyses, visual media, current news, government reports, or scholarly papers. The most appealing types of evidence would be expert analyses, statistics. Expert analysis
and statistics go hand in hand as statements from experts in the field that pertain to the
environment, and car emissions would validate the positives of electric cars.
4. Which database(s) from the Morris Library’s website would you use to find those types of evidence
NOTE: For help, refer to the Database Navigator Tool in the tutorial. Academic OneFile
5. Brainstorm some possible keywords to use in your database search. Search for “electric cars” in Subject And “green” in Keyword
Search for “electric cars” in Subject And “environmentally friendly” in Keyword
6. Next, perform a search in one of the online databases. Once you find a source you would like to use in your presentation, create its reference below, using APA style.EXAMPLE:
Chong, J. (2006). Fast-Food restaurants play a role in obesity, Nation’s Health, 36(9), 38-38. Retrieved August 24, 2007 from the Academic Search Premier database.Blattel-Mink, B. (2014). Active consumership as a driver towards sustainability? GAIA -…