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Remember, in Week One you read about the functions of the federal andstate court systems and what the difference is between jurisdiction and venue.Jurisdiction is the power of the court to try a case; venue is the place wherea case is tried.Reviewthe five cases in Appendix C.Write a 200- to 300-word response for each case review and address thefollowing aspects:Determine whether each case is a function of the federal or state courtsystem. Support your reasoning.Identify and explain the differences between the jurisdiction andoriginal venue for each case.—————————————————————————————————————————————————–ADJ 275 Week 2Checkpoint 1 Criminal ProceduresFor more course tutorials visit
shoptutorial.comCriminal Procedures Resources: Criminal Procedures:Law and Practice;Appendix B.Due Date: Day 2 [Individual] forum Review CriminalProcedures: Law and Practice, pp. 34-55.Read the fact pattern in Appendix B, a piecebased on someone‚Äôs experience with these procedures. Post a 175- to 350-wordresponse restating the events in the proper order. Answer this question as partof your response: From what…