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Ch.1 in Effective Communication for Criminal Justice Professionals Due Date: Day 7[post to the Individual forum]Recognizethe importance of communication in the field of criminal justice.Writea 350 to 700word paper describing the following:The communication processmodelDifferences between the four major communication stylesBenefits of usingparticular communication stylesThe importance of the communication process inlaw enforcement
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shoptutorial.comThecommunication barriers these professionals may face when communicating with oneanother or with their clients. Some possible strategies to overcome thesebarriers.CommunicationBarriers Due Date: Day 4 [post to the Individual forum]Choosetwo types of criminal justice professionals of interest to you (e.g., policeofficer, hostage negotiator, forensics examiner, probation officer, paroleofficer, prosecutor, defense attorney, correctional officer, etc.), and write a200 to 300word description of the following: