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Generally AcceptedAuditing Standards Paper
Prepare a 700-1,050-word paper in which youexplain the nature and functions of auditing. Relate your explanation to theaudit functions in your organization, or an organization with which you arefamiliar. In your paper, be sure to address the following:
a. Describe the elements of the GenerallyAccepted Auditing
Standards (GAAS).
b. Describe how these standards apply tofinancial, operational, and compliance audits.
c. Explain the effect that theSarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, and the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board(PCAOB) will have on audits of publicly traded companies.
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Resources:Modern Auditing: Assurance Services and the Integrity of FinancialReporting
Prepare · Ch. 1: Comprehensive Question 1-23
· Ch. 4: Comprehensive Question 4-23
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Select classmates to be on yourLearning Team.
Create the Learning Team Charter.
Review the objectives from Week One anddiscuss additional insights and questions
Prepare written responses to thefollowing assignments from the text: Modern Auditing: Assurance Services andthe Integrity of Financial Reporting
· Ch. 1:Comprehensive Question 1-25
· Ch. 4: Case 4-26
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