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The Beatles Essay

My name is Adrian Ball, I’m present for you my essay about The Beatles.

In the history of widespread music, the Beatles have been one of the most influential and successful bands. Over 200 songs have been written and recorded by them between the years 1962 and 1970 which extend to  various popular styles including beat, rock n’ roll, rock , ballads and psychedelic. It is not easy to overestimate their influence on contemporary and succeeding musicians who are popular. The quantity of Beatles songs is characterized as a whole by a huge variety of song structures, instrumentation and their approaches to sound and recording.

Besides the domination of their early sound recording by rock n’ roll which was guitar centered and also beat band, their future songs integrated symphonic instruments, string quartets, instruments used by Indians and backward recording. One of the trademarks of Beatles is background singing and polyphonic lead which is cultured. In relation to the increased instrumental and sound sophistication, the diversity and density of the structures of their songs significantly expands during their career.

The Beatles are recognized widely and considered to be contemporary social figures who exemplify their best work in the field of music. In their music the Beatles communicate stylish understanding of the development of man, universal affairs and social relations. Their work reveals a perspective that is neither low, nor unimportant. Instead they have left a depot of cultural inheritance and understanding which is also rich compared to the classics which have been invoked by Bloom and all other proponents of his traditional views. While challenging arguments that arise against popular music, we contend with problems that concern democracy. Popular music is addressed as a voice which is not recognized which contributes and helps encourage the development and multiple voice expression.

The Beatles began with structures of the verse and Chorus Bridge of their previous works and in their later albums absorbed more freedom of composition which included elaborate intro and outro passages, irregular repetitions and long instrumental parts of sections of the song while ensuring that they maintain the essence of the widespread song genre. The impact of their songs is demonstrated by the huge amount the cover versions of their songs which have been recorded. For instance the song titled ‘Yesterday’ has been recorded and published over 200 times by other artists according to internet research.

The artistic maturation of the Beatles was catalyzed by among many factors Bob Dylan who made a discovery of his music through his studio album. Dylan made an impact on the Beatles music in two major ways one was by introducing them to the use of marijuana though he had an alcohol history. And the second one was through freeing them from them the concords of pop music. This augmented the use acoustic instead of electric instruments during the recording of their songs. Also their craftsmanship in composition arose.

Dylan who is an American artist has been a powerful both in popular music and culture for over five decades. Most of his distinguished works of art date back to the 1960’s when he was a casual storyteller and a figure of social unrest that seemed reluctant. Most of his early songs like “Blowin in the wind” and “The times they are a changing” were used as anthems for the United States civil rights and the anti-war activities. These left a foundation in the culture of revival of folk music.

The lyrics of Bob Dylan have assimilated a selection of philosophical, political, social and literary influences   which were in defiance of the pop music conventions that existed and instead fascinated vastly the mushrooming counterculture. Having been inspired by the style of performance of Little Richard and the style of song writing of Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams and Robert Johnson Dylan has augmented and modified the genres of music.

For fifty year in his recording career Dylan has explored a variety of traditions of songs that are American. He does his performance with guitar, harmonica and keyboards. Since the year 1994 Dylan has managed to publish six books consisting of paintings and drawings and his work has been displayed in key art galleries. In the music industry he has sold worldwide over 100 million musical records. Besides receiving numerous winning awards he has also received a medal of freedom from president Barrack Obama.

The heirloom of the sixties has played a significant role in the growth of society and culture in civilized nations and the changes that were undergone by society make the decade to be one of the vital periods of the 20th century and a landmark we have to pass by in our studies of the decades that followed. The sixties were revolutionary in many respects. The changes did not only affect the countries that were civilized mainly in the United States and Europe but also the countries that had less developed in Africa and South America.

Music was the most imperative part of popular culture in the sixties. To the young it became of way of expression since they could hardly afford the fund of shooting a film however anyone could be able to save money , purchase a guitar and begin to play. And for those who did not have musical talent, it was a way of fun and leisure time activity and also a way to  mingle or a way showing that they did not approve with something and they did this by choosing to attend musical concerts of selected musicians like Bob Dylan.

In the sixties fun and entertainment stopped being the only drive for music and instead a new form developed: music that contained a message and songs which had lyrics that were more important that the tune. Though the primary purpose for music was still present there were also bands that did not concentrate much in social and political issues. However the bands that put focus on lyrics tried to bring an accompaniment of good melodies to the words.

What makes the Beatles special is the influence they have managed to have over a variety of music genres from different parts of the world from the decades of the sixties to this day. In addition to this their influence on the people’s thoughts and culture has enabled them to stand out (Loren, et al 1940). After the death of John Lennon in December of 1980, all the hopes of the Beatles ever coming together again were buried. This shocked people in the whole world but on the other hand Lennon was glorified together with the Beatles hence they became even grander legends compared to previous years.

The arrival of the Beatles into America brought an impact on the culture of the nation and it still continues through the generations. Immense cultural modification was experienced in the nation in the year 1964 and it was during that time that the Beatles had arrived from England. President Kennedy had killed in cold blood a few months earlier and there was a threatened danger of war in Vietnam, racial conflicts prevailed and the use of drugs was becoming popular among the young people. The Beatles seemed to be foreign due to the length of their hair, high-heel boots, and their odd way of clothing and performance style.

Their hairstyles brought an offence to the parents because during that time boys stopped growing hair over their ears. The Americans adopted flattop haircuts and denomination loafers and anyone who felt bitter about the idea of change called the names like mopheads, slobs and freaks. Eventually everyone understood that their character did not match what they were called. They were instead contemporary, confident and electric. And though they looked strange they were funny, sunny and loveable. The social impact brought about by the Beatles seemed to be relevant because they connected perfectly to the feelings, moods and styles of those times.  Besides fashion, pop art, music and films the Beatles incorporated eastern beliefs into the western society. The sudden burst by the Beatles into the nonconformist lifestyle played a major role in the attitudes that were changing during that time. Hence the combined effect of the Beatles forcefulness and the cultural changes that were already happening were major factors in influencing the people’s way of life.

In the year 1965 further revolutionary changes were made by the Beatles to the musical landscape. During this year the song The Bird has Flown was released, this was the first song of pop to have sitar introduced an instrument which was new to pop music. The use musical instruments from the eastern into pop were introduced by the Beatles and in particular Harrison who became more and more interested in the eastern culture (Edmondson 40). The Bird has Flown was followed quickly by the song Nowhere Man; this was the first song by the Beatles which touched on social criticism.

A Day in the Life is a song which was released in the year 1967 by the Beatles. It was among the most influential songs that were released by them. This song was written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon and then produced by Sir George Martin. The song was significant to the history of popular music because of the influence it had on the society as a whole. The song had a serious influence on politics and the society and BBC had it banned initially due the drug reference underlined in the lyrics. Since the Beatles had a huge number of followers, what was said in their music had a huge influence on popular music .other lyrics contained in the song advocated for the use of marijuana and the use of drugs.

Due to the mass followers and the influence the band had on society, the governments of the United Kingdom and United States felt threatened. The beauty that lies in the song A Day in the Life is the thought of being way ahead of its time (MacFarlane 3). The song has untouchable creativity, the pairings of attractive melodies, rhythms, tunes and lyrics that have a real effect on the listener. Also they influenced the future generations of upcoming musicians.

With a variety of solo projects, staggered through the year 1970, their disunity was shown to the world in a film Let It Be which clearly showed the way Harrison and Lennon were unhappy about the attitude McCartney had towards the band. The following album having been pieced together by Phil Spector who is a producer was controversial and disjointed affair. In terms of music the work exposed the Beatles reminiscing the good old days.

The bitter disbanding of The Beatles signified the conclusion of an era that they conquered and helped to build. Since the disbandment of the Beatles, some essential releases have been made for their fans. The Beatles had emerged to be on top of the world due to their release of albums and motion pictures one after the other (Jackson 2). However in the year 1969, Lennon made an announcement that he wanted to disband from the group this led to the collapse of the group. However this breakup was kept hidden till the 10th of April 1970 when McCartney dissolved the group formally. It is unthinkable that any musical group in the future can be able to characterize and have influence on a generation the way the Beatles had.


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